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Financial Restoration & Cultivation

Financial Restoration and Cultivation (“FRC”) was created on the principle that everyone deserves access to affordable credit through education, credit improvement and continuous monitoring. Credit scores are one of the most important factors when lenders and service providers consider extending credit or providing services such as: favorable interest rates, securing a mortgage or renting an apartment, extending lines of credit, insurance rates and in employer determinations (i.e., employment or promotion opportunities). Therefore, access to and availability of affordable credit should not be reserved solely for people of exceptional means. 


Higher cost of living has impacted consumer credit health and quality of living. Market trends show delinquencies that surpass pre-pandemic levels, lower repayment amount causing the individuals to pay more in interest, increase in debt, credit tightening and increasing interest rates coupled with inflation in food, gas, and other everyday items. The aforementioned factors create a challenging environment to thrive and raise a family.


Unfortunately, many people face credit challenges due to errors, inaccuracies, or past financial hardships. That's where Financial Restoration and Cultivation comes in. That’s why our team works hard to educate our customers and protect their rights to ensure they have fair, accurate and substantiated credit reports. We empower and encourage our customers to take charge of their credit to achieve their financial aspirations.



Message from the CEO

Dear valued customers,

Thank you for choosing us as your credit restoration solution. Your trust and support mean the world to us. We are committed to providing exceptional service and helping you achieve your financial goals. We understand the impact credit can have on your life. We believe in the power of second chances and the ability to overcome past credit challenges. Your success is our success, and we celebrate each milestone and positive outcome achieved. Together, we can build a brighter future.



Shonda L. Williams
Chief Executive Officer and President
Financial Restoration and Cultivation