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Pricing for FRC

Financial Restoration and Cultivation will conduct an initial consultation to understand your current credit circumstances and your credit goals.  The package we offer includes essential credit restoration services such as challenges to the three major credit bureaus and furnishers as needed, credit analysis, dispute strategies, credit intervention, dispute of inaccuracies, errors and outdated information, inquiry targeting, ongoing review of your credit profile, and educational resources.  Our services are customized based on each customer's individual credit circumstances.


Within 24-48 hours you will sign up for credit monitoring services agreeing to pay a monthly fee to pull your credit information of approximately $24.95. 


Within five – fifteen calendar days of signing the agreement, FRC will charge a one-time fee of $199, that covers the initial work in client set-up, reviewing your credit report and credit score, monitoring your credit, and performing other credit repair services. 


FRC will charge a monthly service fee of $99 for the performance of services completed for the month. The monthly service fee of $99 will be charged thirty days after the agreement is signed.  The services that will be provided on a monthly basis will include consultations, credit analysis, disputes of errors, inaccurate or outdated credit report information, credit strategies, periodic education information and ongoing support as needed based on individual client circumstances. 


Our aim is to offer transparent pricing and ensure that our services provide value and effective credit restoration solutions tailored to your individual situation.

As a reminder, we bill every month for the work that has been completed. If you decide to cancel your services, you will be charged a final payment for work completed between your last payment and the cancellation date.


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